Monday, 10 July 2017

Resit Submission Post & Reflective Statement

Lighting and Rendering

Mental Ray Part 11

Jet Pack Jones

Facial Rigging

Unfortunately due to issues that I ran into along the way, I wasn't able to complete the texturing for Jet Pack Jones. However I do feel that I have learnt a lot from these tutorials and have learnt that Macs do not have as many constraints when working in Maya like I first thought. The main issues that I had was needing to use HDR a windows program (sorted in the end) and how tabs have moved so drastically from the 2015 Maya to 2016 Maya. The learning curve has been steep and it was great in some instances to learn the maths side behind the tutorial. I would like to try and use some of the lighting and rendering techniques again in the future but my next challenge will be using the correct lighting method at the right time.

Texturing 1 & 2 | Jet Pack Jones | Maya Tutorials | Resit | Year 2

I was unable to present images for part 1 as I deleted the previous high-res models and the smoothed models also. But I did get the use normal maps and understand what baking is. Below are the images from that part.

Mental Ray Part 7 (completed) | Maya Tutorials | Resit | Year 2

This was a very interesting tutorial to do. I'm unsure why my shadow is clipped or why the shadow was originally square but this is as close as I could get.

Facial Rigging Parts 1, 2 & 3 | Jet Pack Jones | Maya Tutorials | Resit | Year 2

TL - Part 2 (the eyes) TR - open mouth
BL - Open eyes BR- mouth parts 3 to 5
Open eyes, closed eyes and cleaning up the model
4 mouth shapes

All of the brow movements
I may have accidentally mixed up the order of some of the screenshots but these are the images I have for the facial rigging videos. It's nice to see a character come to life - even in greyscale!

Rigging Completed | Jet Pack Jones | Maya Tutorials | Resit | Year 2

End of part 1 - rigging the feet

End of part 2 - rigging the spine

Parts 3 & 4 - Arms, fingers, colours and restraints
I forgot to take pictures during the process of these tutorials so I did go back once Part 4 was done to take the images.

Skinning Completed | Jet Pack Jones | Maya Tutorials | Resit | Year 2

End of part 4

End of part 4

End of part 5

End of skinning videos

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mental Ray Part 8 | Maya Tutorials | Resit | Year 2

It was great to see how important displacement maps could be and I found it fascinating to see it render out looking better and better often just by changing a few settings.

Unfortunately I ran into problems with the second half of the video and for some reason the mushroom would just explode during the rendering.