Monday, 13 November 2017

Maya Experimentation | Maya | Minor Project | Year 3

I've begun to take peoples drawings and convert them into basic Maya models. This is not only to get the shapes right and to start getting a range of them converted but to allow me to experiment with textures and lighting techniques.

The plastic cup is a brilliant example. Just by adding realistic a glass/plastic texture to the piece, it really adds a new dimension. I also want to find a way to add a black outline over the piece to tie it to the original drawings. If possible I'm hoping to use the original drawing over the top but I'm not sure how easy this would be.

This is the latest drawing that I'm experimenting with. The basic shape of the 'sky domes' have been translated and the basic textures added. The sky domes are now glass and the posts have been given a generic texture for now.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Inspiration for the Future | Minor Project | Year 3

I've been looking for inspiration for my project. I've had no input during the drawing stage and I feel like its thrown me slightly off balance. Now that I have a range of designs back, I'm trying to find ways to tie all of them together. I thought that YouTube may have a variety of futuristic videos that I could watch that might make something 'click' for me be this an idea for a colour scheme or something else.

The Two Ronnies were way ahead of their time. This gorgeous sketch shows just how over the top the future could really be. Originally broadcast in October 1976, its a great reminder that this could have been a reality.

The ideas behind this video are very useful towards my project. The ideas seem to back up several peoples drawings and ideas but the imagery used coincides with what I've been thinking surrounding colour. The drawings I've been given are black outlines only, no colour. This is by design as it allows me to connect the drawings together with colouring myself should I need to. Black, silver and white seem to be a reoccurring selection of colours. Metallic blues and greys also crop up too.

This video answers one of my questions - how are you cooking your dinner? Its scary to think that we've already reached this level of advance robotics.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Results from Kits - People's Drawings | Minor Project | Year 3

These are the results that I have received from my kits so far. These are scanned with no tinkering. For each set of results I have scanned the paper and tracing paper separately and then with them overlapped if this was how they were meant to be. I have also written each person's name and either their career or university course. 

Beth Sargent - Fashion Media and Promotion

Michael Ryan - Electrician

Josh McTear - Design for Theatre, Film and Production

Kirsty Wren - Security Guard

Sally Ryan - Patient Transport

Pat Ryan - Retired

Terry Johnson - Tea Drinker

Monday, 30 October 2017

Project Update #2 | Minor Project | Year 3

I’ve finally received some drawings back from people. I’ll be scanning them in before I start on the next stage. The plan is to directly lift peoples drawings and make them into little animated sequences. A lot of the drawings and ideas that people have given me all seem to running theme. In the future, people seem to believe that the earth will be uninhabitable to some extent and that technology will have reached a peak that I think will happen in the not too distant future. I’m not sure where people have gotten these same ideas from. Maybe its an inbuilt fear but it has produced a selection of drawings that all fit in within the same world.

I will also be producing some text ‘animations’ from peoples annotations of the drawings to feature along side each drawing that I use. I’m not sure how many to feature yet but it’s very likely that I’ll take 1 or 2 drawings from each person as a few do overlap or have the same underlaying themes. 

Plan for this project is as follows:

  • Scan drawings
  • Edit them into a consistent format for all
  • Start an Art Of layout to showcase peoples work
  • Experiment with text effect in Adobe After Effects
  • Find videos of/about the future for inspiration
  • Create a colour board. (This will be for the art of and in case I decide to colour the drawings as they are currently only black line drawings)

Monday, 2 October 2017

Project Update | Minor Project | Year 3

Originally I wanted my project to focus on trying to recreate something from the past. Instead I've switched views and my project is now focused on trying imagine the future with the help of some other people.  "It’s the Year 2500"

I've created a 'kit' which is being sent out to a range of people which consist of paper, tracing paper, a black felt tip and a list of questions. At the moment I've selected 10 people of all ages and career paths and they will be drawing responses to the questions and hopefully giving me a written response as well. 

The questions are as follows:

  • Describe your home – what does it look like?
  • How are you cooking your dinner?
  • How are you watching television?
  • What is your mode of transport and where do you keep it?
  • What are you/your children playing with?
  • Describe your garden/outdoor space.
  • What is the year 2500 like to live in?
  • What can you see from your window?

Whatever I get back from these 10 people will hopefully give me the grounds to start developing some interesting ideas. I'm hoping that I can take their drawings and create 'blueprints' for each response. Where it goes from here will be decided upon once I receive the drawings. I might directly use their ideas, take inspiration from their drawings or even improve upon their drawings. 

Where it goes from here all depends upon the feedback from each person!